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The Villa

The majestic Villa is located on a rectangular terrace on the top of a hill near Florence.
In the XX Santi di Tito architect and assistant of Michelangelo realized it.
The entrance is a magic boulevard surrounded by unique cypresses.
One of the most iconic elements of the Villa is the garden which is divided on two different terraces: the upper terrace where holm oaks, horse chestnuts and cypresses were planted in the 19th century; the lower terrace is an “Italian-style” garden with square-shaped flowerbeds and pots of lemons planted in XXX century.

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In 1933 the property was bought by the brothers Carlo and Giulio Marchi. The brothers, with the fundamental contribution of Elena Marchi Luling, completed its extraordinary architecture, restoring the original Michelangelesque design.

In 1938 the famous landscape architect Pietro Porcinai created a rectangular pool, in yellow and gray quartzite with a serena stone edge, set in the lawn near the entrance: the position of the pool was designed to reflect the facade of the villa in the water.