I Collazzi is a property of the Marchi brothers, Carlo and Bona: almost 400 hectares, located in the township of Impruneta, 7 km from Florence (Tuscany).

During the last decade the Marchi brothers have invested heavily in the development of Collazzi’s farming business, renewing the vineyards and restructuring the cellar, with the goal of producing excellent wines.

At Collazzi the microclimate is normally warmer and drier than the surrounding area. Part of the estate lies in a natural amphitheater, with a perfect south-westerly exposure. The high amount of sun light and the high daily temperatures allow a prolonged, complete ripening of the farming products, consistently each year.

Wine is grown on 25 hectares (62 acres), while the specialized cultivation of 120 hectares (297 acres) of olive trees produces a precious extra virgin olive oil. Collazzi is also dedicated to the raising of bees, that yields a small quantity of organic honey.

Via Colleramole, 101 - Loc. Tavarnuzze - 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. 055 237 4902 - Tel. e Fax 055 202 2528 - info@collazzi.it
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