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Otto Muri

I.G.T Fiano

I.G.T Fiano
100% Fiano
Wine of intense color due to the permanence on the lees until spring.
Pleasant aromas, vivid flavor that reminds of toasted hazelnuts.
Excellent ability of aging in bottle where it develops complex aromas.
The desire to make a great white wine was in the air for many years. After careful testing we have identified the Fiano variety as the most interesting among the many varieties that are grown in Tuscany, and our vineyard has given surprising qualities since the very beginning. The name “Otto Muri” recalls the eight terraces and their walls that they used to create on that piece of land. The harvest is manual, the grape fermented in both vats and barrels at controlled temperature.

The vinification, conducted with the usual care and attention, allows to obtain an extremely elegant, long-lived, thick wine. Aged for several months on the lees, “Otto Muri” acquires a more refined color with wonderful hues that range from yellow to green, and an incomparable complexity. Its elegance and its power make it an exceptional wine.
Intense color due to the permanence on the lees.
Pleasant and complex.
Full bodied, intense, and well balanced. Within the complexity it is possible to recognize hints of yellow peach and mango. It is completed with an elegant and marked minerality.
Vineyards belonging to the property of Collazzi.
Clay and limestone, in part sandy soils, rich in minerals.
10 years
2017 will be remembered as the year of poor rains, and at Collazzi it did not penalize the production by having the possibility to irrigate the vineyards. The lack of water in the summer season has favored the healthy growth of the bunches. The fresh soil of the OTTO MURI vineyard, and the optimal management of the soil, have protected the plants from water stress. The ripening of the bunches took place in early August and during the first week of September.
Manual in baskets to prevent grape breakage. So immediately in the press where it macerates for one night.
6 months
Burgundy bottle style of 0,75l.

The Villa

The majestic Villa I Collazzi stands at the heart of the estate, located on a rectangular terrace on top of a hill. The project is attributed to Santi da Tito, Michelangelo Buonarroti’s pupil. The entrance is lined with cypresses that lead to the Villa and its garden. The latter is divided in two terraces, one English-inspired and the other following the Italian-style. Inside the Villa are stunning paintings from the Renaissance period, along with a beautiful family chapel and a cellar with the oldest olive oil mill in Italy.