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I.G.T Tuscany

I.G.T Tuscany
Merlot 55%, Cabernet Franc 30%, Merlot 20%, Syrah 15%
Libertà is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah. This wine expresses great balance between the soft tannins of Merlot, the aromatic complexity of Cabernet Franc and elegant spicy Syrah. The name Libertà derives from a gift that the city of Florence made to eight Florentine families including the then owners of Collazzi who fought valorously to free the city.
With the 2008 harvest begins the production of “Libertà”, Collazzi’s second wine. Libertà is a charming red wine with grapes harvested from the youngest vineyards surrounding our splendid estate. The Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon grapes are harvested by hand, fermented in temperature-controlled vats that enhance the aromas of the Cabernet, and later refined in 225L barrels.

“Libertà” is an intense and vivid red, and the mouthfeel expresses a great balance between soft tannins of Merlot, the spiciness of Syrah, and the elegant vivacity of Sangiovese. We wanted to call this wine Libertà (“Freedom”) as this word was added in 1376 to the previous owners’ coat of arms for having fought bravely against the invader for the freedom of Florence.
Deep red, which denotes the excellent quality of the grapes
Balsamic given by the best characteristics of the main variety.
In the mouth the wine is enveloping, soft tannins, leaving the palate in an exemplary balance. Complex and long without being impetuous.
Vineyards belonging to the property of Collazzi, located in the southwestern part of the municipality of Impruneta (Florence), near the village of Galluzzo.
Clay and limestone, in part sandy soils, rich in minerals.
20 years
Normally warmer and drier than surrounding areas. A part of the property lies in a natural amphitheater, with a perfect South-West exposure.
The abundant insolation and the mild daytime temperatures, allow a prolonged and complete maturation of the grapes, homogeneous from year to year.
Manual in baskets. The bunches are transported in the cellar in a short period of time due to the centrality of the cellar compared to the vineyards. Every variety and plot are picked and vinified separately. Once the grapes arrive in the cellar, they are carefully selected on the sorting table.
Done at 25°C in inox tanks.
1 years in wooden casks and tanks.
Besides from 0.750 bottles, Magnum, and Double Magnum.

The Villa

The majestic Villa I Collazzi stands at the heart of the estate, located on a rectangular terrace on top of a hill. The project is attributed to Santi da Tito, Michelangelo Buonarroti’s pupil. The entrance is lined with cypresses that lead to the Villa and its garden. The latter is divided in two terraces, one English-inspired and the other following the Italian-style. Inside the Villa are stunning paintings from the Renaissance period, along with a beautiful family chapel and a cellar with the oldest olive oil mill in Italy.